“Study Guide and Talent Reserve” -- Longcheer middle-level management training camp, Session one perfect ending

Longcheer middle-level management training camp has launched in this vigorous summer. It has completed session one of the training task. This project is to systematically promote and cultivate the management ability of middle-level managers. We plan to train the managers by lectures, actions and assistance, cultivating and promoting their management ability, creativity and responsibilities.

The features are as follow:

1. Customized course to help managers promote

This project has 3 stages of tasks including self-management, performance management, team management. This time, the task is self-management.

(managers discuss with the trainer self-cognition and leadership levels)

2. Get to the point, promote company development

As is known to all, knowledge realizes its value by practice. In this project, we introduce the concept of action learning, to promote the transformation of learning from three levels: the first level is focused on face to face learning, targeted after-school testing and consolidation; the second level is to complete the research, that is, to practice the various management problems In the actual work, and then carry out targeted research; the third level is sorting and filling cases after the training.

(For classic cases, combined with their own work, work together to propose solutions)

As the important part of the “reserve”project, Longcheer middle-level management training camp is highly valued. After the training, we will establish a training system, which conducts extensive training and helps study groups to acquire resources, master methods, broaden their minds.

We believe that every participant at the camp will learn from it and use what they have learned to become a “little giant”of their team.